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sKuZAdminFK Moyer420 12th Dec 2017

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How it going Skuzzers? Just want to say welcome to new members first, thanks for joining and get involved man.  Now the matter at hand, clan votes.

Clan votes are located on the main page, on the right column, and are labeled Clan Votes and projects a larger number; 26 give or take a few as it changes lol.

You are allowed to vote for our community, once every 24 hours, which the total votes, higher being greater, represents our "listing" rank. Which all that means is more votes means better rating which means higher up in the pages when looking for a platoon.

I kinda wanted to give everyone a brief explanation of what going on before I ask you Skuzzers to log in and click everyday haha. 

But for real, log in and click the link and vote. Let's make battlefield great again! #ForDaCause

Generally thanks,
FK Moyer420
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