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A Couple of Skuzzers

A Couple of Skuzzers is an online gaming community whose main focus is Xbox One, but we plan to expand to all consuls. Mainly, we are established on Battlefield 1, and we are integrating into Incursions and Battlefield V.

The Skuzzers Community is open to everyone who is interested in joining as long as you are about the age(s): 18+

A Couple of Skuzzers is comprised of both social member and competitive members.

A Social member is what we label players who are part of the Skuzzers Community, but do not wish to play competitively thus leaving competitive members as self explanatory.

If you are interested in becoming a member of A Couple of Skuzzers, click on the application section and follow the on screen instructions.

We would like to say thank you to all our members, sponsors, and partners for all the appreciation and help along the way. Your support is widely appreciated.

  • Dark Run Jerky
  • iClan Website
  • Yummy Gaming
  • HardcoreLeague
  • eSports League
  • Battlefy

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